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3:12's Beginnings

3:12 Transformation Ministries was originally started in June,  2011 after the Spiritual inspiration given to 3:12's founder and author, William L. Ioerger.  Mr. Ioerger had previously suffered with addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, marital distress and many  forms of bondages which haunted him for 39 years. Even though William attempted to resolve and fix his issues through many different methods, including: 12 step programs, rehabs, counseling, self-achieved accomplishments, etc., until he found true salvation and  grace through Jesus Christ, he never was able to sustain a life of peace and confidence within his own identity. After William's conversion in May of 2010, he had a burning desire to share the same hope with others. Hope which could not be lost, nor stolen, hope which did not depend upon his own resources, but rather hope of God through Jesus Christ alone which dramatically changed every aspect of his future and removed the resentments and horrifying guilt of his past. 

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