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3:12's Beginnings

3:12 Transformation Ministries was originally started in June,  2011 after the Spiritual inspiration given to 3:12's founder and author, William L. Ioerger.  Mr. Ioerger had previously suffered with addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, marital distress and many  forms of bondages which haunted him for 39 years. Even though William attempted to resolve and fix his issues through many different methods, including: 12 step programs, rehabs, counseling, self-achieved accomplishments, etc., until he found true salvation and  grace through Jesus Christ, he never was able to sustain a life of peace and confidence within his own identity. After William's conversion in May of 2010, he had a burning desire to share the same hope with others. Hope which could not be lost, nor stolen. Hope which did not depend upon his own resources, but rather hope of God through Jesus Christ alone which dramatically changed every aspect of his future and removed the resentments and horrifying guilt of his past. 

On November 29th, 2010, William experienced a dream from the Holy Spirit which confirmed his desires to actively share that hope with others, as well as instruction on how to do it. William awoke at 3:12 a.m., and was led to the scriptures and specifically to John 3:12. William was then continually led for the next several weeks and shown an outline of transformation through 26 Bible verses which all focused around chapter 3 and verse 12. 

William realized that the verses and message he had been shown through the Spirit of the Lord was not only for his transformation and journey, but he realized he was called to share the message with all those God would place in his path. After prayer, spiritual guidance from others, and some doors being opened through God's intervention, William developed the 3:12 Transformation message and then began ministering at his local church, local county work release and county jail.  As a result, numerous lives have been transformed through the grace and love of God, many others have been called into the ministry as leaders, William wrote a book which would allow those involved with the ministry to partake and follow along, and he and his wife and family have relocated  several times in faith and carrying God's message. 

3:12 Transformation is not a 12 step program, nor is it a recovery program. However, many individuals such as William, struggle with addictions, and have found 3:12 to not only help overcome their strong holds, but experienced true joyous sobriety! William is very serious when speaking on addictions-"they are the end result, the fruits cast from the tree if you will, of the main issues which lie in the root system-the  Heart! "  

Those who do struggle with addictions, 3:12 will definitely speak to  the issues but go even further-speak to the heart. 3:12 Transformation is an excellent ministry for addictions, but it is also just as effective for individuals struggling with past hurts, unforgiveness, depression, anger, fear, self confidence, marital distress, lust, and any form of bondage which inhibits the individual from truly living their God given identity which they have been created to fulfill, which is only possible through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. 

3:12 walks us through 4 very important phases: Surrender, Believe, Live & Proclaim. Each phase contains various Bible verses , focused from 26 different books from the Bible, and all centered around 3:12 verses. The Ministry message is truly transformational to the individual who allows the Lord to minister to them. If you are seeking a new direction in life, no matter your current, past or future circumstances, 3:12 Transformation will guide you by the Words of God into faith, confidence, peace and abounding grace which is only possible through Jesus Christ. 

William and Teresa Ioerger were born and raised in the Peoria, Illinois area. In 2010, when William had his life altered by the grace and mercy of God, he and his family moved to Waterloo, Iowa, then to Burlington, Iowa in 2014. In 2022, William and Teresa believed God was calling them home and they returned to the Peoria, Illinois area where they currently reside. 

3:12 Transformation has been featured on several Christian radio stations, T.V. stations, and William and Teresa were featured on the 700 Club for their marriage restoration testimony in 2016. 

3:12 Transformation is outlined through a 15 week ministry/discipleship study. All of the 3:12 verses can be viewed as led by William Ioerger on his YouTube channel and included on this website via the video page. If interested in beginning a 3:12 Transformation Ministry group, contact us through our contact page. There is a leaders guide which can be provided to help lead the ministry. 

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